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Inn– Ski Hut – Chalets – Apartments in Kirchberg in Tirol

For more than 35 years, the Staudachstubn, run by the Flecksberger family and located above Kirchberg, right next to the Fleckalmbahn, has stood for tradition, recreation and closeness to nature. The name itself epitomizes endurance and tradition, as can also be seen from the family crest, which also serves as our logo. The name Flecksberger actually comes from Hessen and derives from Fleckbühel, now known as Bürgel. The first mention of the Staudachstubn, which was previously known as the “Staudach unter der Prantseite”, goes back to the year 1385 and a certain Konrad Staudach. The inn, the farm and the chalets all embrace tradition and closeness to nature.

In the restaurant, we mainly use beef and wild herbs from our own farm. As far as possible, any other necessities and products needed at the inn are sourced from the immediate region. Our farm, which raises beef cattle (no dairy cows), is dedicated to organic and species-appropriate methods – true to the motto, “This is the place to be a cow!”




Chalets & Holyday Apartments in Kirchberg

Our Apartment Buildings

If you appreciate warmth and comfort, a stylish ambience and beautiful scenery, our chalet or one of our 2 apartments will be perfect for you. In winter, you can even enjoy the privilege of being one of the first to slice down the freshly groomed piste, since our apartments are right next to the slopes.

But in summer, too, the Staudachstubn – with its chalets and 2 apartments – serves as an ideal base for all kinds of activities, be that hiking, biking, golf, archery, mountain adventures, or simply for unwinding and doing nothing at all. Whether locally or within quick, easy driving distance, you will find something certain to appeal to big and small, to families as well as small groups.

Book a stay in one of our chalets, enjoy top-quality dining at the Staudachstubn, and take full advantage of the pleasant atmosphere of a traditional family-run business.

The Flecksberger family look forward to seeing you here.

Pure Nature


Organic, species-appropriate, sustainable and close to nature. This is what the Flecksberger family farm is all about.

The meat produced from the cows & calves on our farm is mainly used at the Staudachstubn restaurant. That said, the many wild herbs that grow in our farmhouse garden are also added to our delicious dishes. You will also come across hens & bees. If you wish, you can buy some of the honey. In winter, our cattle are provided plenty of room to move around in the barn, while in summertime they get to enjoy a holiday of their own up on the alpine pastures, where they munch on the beautiful grasses and herbs.

It’s impossible to imagine a better life for our cattle. The species-appropriate way we look after them is reflected in the high quality and good flavor of the meat they produce.

If you would like to see for yourself, you are always welcome to walk the few meters from our restaurant to the farm, pay the animals a visit and learn more about the wild herbs.

Or, in summer, take a hike up to our alpine pastures.

Kitzbüheler Alps

Kirchberg & Surroundings

The sporting community in the middle of the Kitzbühel Alps - skiing, hiking & mountain biking

3 towns, 2 ski areas and unlimited opportunities – an Eldorado for fans of classic winter pastimes as well as fun-sports, for families and kids. There is definitely no shortage of highlights, including carving down the slopes of the biggest contiguous ski area in Austria and taking on the legendary "Streif", ski touring, ice climbing and the Alpeniglu events village. Countless interesting recreational activities also await you away from the pistes. For example, how about a snowshoe hike? Or would you prefer a thrilling sled ride on the Gaisberg?

Hiking, golf, swimming and many other activities make your summer holiday in Kirchberg unforgettable. Hikers can look forward to more than 500 km of hiking paths, including theme trails as well as hikes suitable for families. Over 600 km of bicycle paths and mountain bike trails await cyclists. Get your day off to a sporty, active start, surrounded by Kirchberg’s unique scenery of striking mountains, broad valleys and refreshing lakes!